Why people choose service companies?

People buy bread. they don't cook it at home. The same is with milk or cheese, we have no cows in apartments and we just buy it in the store. Why? Even understating that homemade products are healthier we buy food from stores just because it is comfortable.

Service companies has the equal analogy. Person who comes for living or working in another country for a long period of time has 2 ways:

To find everything by himself. I remind Celion Dion super-hit "All by myself: //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NGrLb6W5YOM ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

Expat or visitor searches, he talks about the price and etc himself. But what problems are waiting him? Not all landlords or real estate specs speak English (also when both landlord and real estate specialist when they see foreigner, they can artificially increase the price). What about payment? To much difficulties with money transfer, both side doesn't want to pay VAT and communal. Also water, gas, electricity, TV, internet. Omnipotent man can do everything, but too much waste one's nerves, and of course time. Maybe the person will save some money.

To refer to service company, live in placidity and quiet. I will not write all advantages of dealing with service company not just real estate agency, just because you can count that it is only advertisement and maybe is not advantage.

Have a nice day and choose your own way of living!


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