Mashrig Construction strives to deliver excellence and value to its clients, while maintaining a leadership position in the industry. Mashrig Construction continues to play a relevant role in the building of commercial properties, healthcare centers, infrastructure, retail spaces, residential buildings, luxury residential condos, hotels, restaurants, and retail spaces in the country.

Professional renovations of the premises.
Professional renovations to the premises repair of interior finishing of premises for different purposes - one of the main trends in the composition of the services offered by Mashrig Construction. We produce renovations to the premises for over 25 years and gained a big experience in this subject. Under belt of our foremen and finishers there are many meters of renovated premises for various purposes.

Within the period of our work we happened to repair:

  • - Offices (we offer our customers a full-service repair of office premises within one company).
  • - Apartments and cottages (complex repair of apartments, repair and finishing of cottages)
  • - Industrial buildings, manufacturing workshops, warehouses,
  • - Medical facilities,
  • - Various premises of catering, restaurants etc.
  • - Shops etc.
Repair of the premises includes:
  • • demolition works: cleaning the old paint layers, wallpapers, demolition of baseboards, linoleum, tile, flooring, suspended ceilings, etc.
  • • finishing work: wallpapering, various kinds of flooring, painting and tiling works.
Also, renovations to the premises may include:
  • • general construction works: repair of walls, ceilings, sealing various kinds of openings and holes in walls and ceilings, the laying of window and door openings and their arrangement in new places, the dismantling of existing partitions and their construction, strengthening of building structures, replacement of doors, windows, etc.
  • • replacement or installation of engineering systems: electrical, lighting, heating and ventilation, water supply and sanitation.
All above listed types of work taking place during the repair of the premises, we carry out using our own resources and offer our customers as a single service - RENOVATIONS TO THE PREMISES. For best meeting requirements of Customer, the necessary scope of work, as well as the type and price range offered for the use of finishing materials must be agreed with the Customer. Renovations to the premises include several types of work.


- Construction Management
We act as advocates for our clients, performing due diligence in the pre-construction phase, minimizing risks for our clients and starting projects off on their best footing.

- General Contracting
When overseeing the bidding process and executing the project it is our role to drive value, both in terms of our initial bid and by controlling the project to minimize change orders.

- Program Management
From project accounting to overseeing the team, from maintaining schedules to bidding to outside vendors, we offer our industry knowledge and relationships to the client, thereby controlling costs.

- Design and Build
Design and build is all about working with efficiencies created within the design phase, thereby minimizing on-site labor and executing seamlessly while controlling costs.

- Pre-Construction Planning

- Post-Construction

- Fencing

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